Wet & Forget Before / After: Roofs

Customer Testimonial

For about 3 years, moss has been growing on my north roof. Started as a few white crumbs and then got quite aggressive last summer, covering the whole north roof and turning some roof tiles black.

This April, I used 1.5 gallons of the Wet and Forget on the roof.  I am seeing definite improvements. The roof moss has died.  For an easy hour's work, it was quite satisfying to know that the moss attack has been stopped.  

Anyway the job is so easy and the results so desirable, I might make this an annual exercise.

Joe- Boston, MA

Customer Testimonial

I used Wet & Forget on my brick sidewalk, wood deck and the roof of my house. 

They were covered with mold, mildew and fungus. 

Previously I used other cleaners and a gasoline powered pressure washer. 

Within one month, all were clean-- without any labor except for spraying the product on with a garden tank sprayer. 

I was skeptical of the manufacturer's claims, but now I am a believer. 

Vince G.


Easily Eliminate Moss, Lichen, Algae, Mold And Mildew From Your Roof!

Have you been avoiding the dreaded task of cleaning your roof?

Wet & Forget's one step application takes away the labor intensive steps normally associated with removing moss, algae, lichen, mold and mildew. With Wet & Forget you can treat a 750 sq. ft. surface in less than 12 minutes!

-- See how to remove lichen with Wet & Forget below.

Simply apply Wet & Forget to the surface that needs cleaning and forget it!  There's no rinsing, no scrubbing and no power washing. 

Wet & Forget is non-caustic, non-acidic and contains no bleach.  Therefore it's safe for any type of roof surface: asphalt, cedar, wood, fiberglass, clay, tile, steel, tin, rubber and any other roof surface.

If you're looking for an easy and effective way to clean your roof pick-up some Wet & Forget today!  Then simply spray and forget it!

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