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Just a Few of the Surfaces Cleaned with Wet & Forget Outdoor.

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Knock out Mold and Mildew Today with Wet & Forget Indoor!

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Mold and mildew make a disgusting mess in your home, create a musty odor, can destroy your belongings, and can even be a health hazard. If you use bleach or other cleaners to fight mold and mildew, you've probably found yourself stuck in a losing battle of scrubbing and re-scrubbing. Break out of the cycle! Wet & Forget Indoor Mold + Mildew Disinfectant Cleaner kills mold and mildew, cleans the mess, disinfects, and deodorizes, all with no scrubbing. Best of all, Wet & Forget Indoor inhibits re-growth, so mold can't keep popping right back up. Try Wet & Forget Indoor today, and knock out mold and mildew! Read on to find out how.

Save Time for Holiday Fun with these 7 Key Thanksgiving Shortcuts!

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Thanksgiving is a time for family, friends, and culinary temptations. It can also be a time for running around like your hair is on fire, trying to keep up with a million-and-a-half tasks without losing your mind in the process. We here at Wet & Forget are all about making your life easy and stress-free, so we've compiled a list of 7 of our favorite Thanksgiving tips that will help you enjoy your wonderful holiday feast and still have time to visit with your loved ones. You deserve it!


With Wet & Forget Shower, you'll Stop Soap Scum AND Stop Scrubbing!


Soap scum grabs onto your shower and refuses to let go. Most shower cleaners make you battle soap scum by scrubbing until you're sweaty, sore, and frustrated, and even no-scrub shower cleaners typically require you to spray your shower every single day in order to get results. Now you can leave all that hassle behind! Wet & Forget Shower eliminates stubborn soap scum with just one simple application a week. Just spray and rinse, and see your shower shine! Read on to see how to set your shower free from soap scum and set yourself free from scrubbing with Wet & Forget Shower.

Beat the Arctic Blast with these 5 Warm-your-Bones Chili Recipes!

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Most of the country is shivering beneath a bitter arctic blast that has brought an early glimpse of winter from the Pacific Northwest all the way to the Southeast. Don't let Jack Frost have the last laugh! Warm yourself from the inside out and make your belly happy at the same time with these 5 irresistible chili recipes. From toasty slow-cooker vegetarian chili, to 4-meat Texas chili, to firecracker Sriracha chili, we have a chili to suit every taste and warm every tummy. Take that, Old Man Winter!


See Amazing Before & After Photos, and Win Free Wet & Forget Outdoor!

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Wet & Forget Outdoor wipes out algae, moss, lichen, and mold & mildew on just about any outdoor surface with no scrubbing, bleaching or pressure washing needed. Just spray and leave! Read on to check out some amazing before and after shots of Wet & Forget Outdoor in action, and to score a chance to win a free bottle of Wet & Forget Outdoor!

FAQ: Can I Use Wet & Forget Outdoor on my Composite Decking?


You know that Wet & Forget Outdoor's gentle formula is safe to use on your driveway, patio, awning, and even outdoor furniture cushions. But what about on you new composite deck? Read on to learn how easy it is to keep your composite deck looking like new with Wet & Forget Outdoor!

Moldy Basement? Conquer Mold & Mildew Today with Wet & Forget Indoor!

Wet & Forget Indoor beats bleach and defeats indoor mold and mildew with no scrubbing needed!

The moisture that likes to creep into your basement can make it the perfect environment for mold and mildew growth. If mold and mildew invade your basement the tell-tale disgusting stains and musty odor will soon follow, and mold and mildew can even digest certain materials and destroy your property. Stop mold in its tracks with Wet & Forget Indoor Mold + Mildew Disinfectant Cleaner! Wet & Forget Indoor kills mold and mildew, cleans, disinfects, deodorizes, and inhibits re-growth, all with no scrubbing, bleaching or rinsing needed. Just spray and wipe! Read on to learn how.

These 3 Can't-Miss Tips will Keep you Cozy & Save you Cash this Winter!

These home winterization tips, including a home energy audit and furnace maintenance, will prevent a drafty house this winter!

A lot of us are expecting our first big arctic blast of the year this weekend, and winter won't be far behind. If your home isn't ready for the frigid temperatures, you and your family will suffer from icy toes and painful utility bills for months to come. Don't let Old Man Winter get the better of you! These 3 essential steps, including video instructions for performing your own home energy audit, will help you track down the source of chilly drafts and budget-busting leaks, and get your home ready to keep your family cozy this winter. Read on to find out how!

5 Key Steps to Get your Garden Ready for Winter's Chill

Starting from seed is a great way to enjoy a winter garden and get a head start for spring.

Winter will be here before you know it, and the cold weather can sink into your garden's "bones" just as much as it sinks into yours. If your garden isn't ready for winter's chill, you will see the consequences next spring in the form of unhealthy plants with puny blooms or no blooms at all, or even plants that don't make it through the cold weather. Take these 5 key steps to prepare your garden to weather the winter months, and enjoy a healthy garden next spring!


Discover 6 Essential Tips to Make your Home Beautiful for the Holidays

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If you've got guests coming for the fall or winter holidays, you're already thinking about making sure your home creates just the right ambience to set the tone for holiday fun. Even if only immediate family will be there, making your home look special is a part of every holiday celebration. These 6 tips will help you make sure that your home is beautiful and inviting this holiday season, while still leaving you plenty of time and money for holiday shopping.

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